Our professional team
will help you and advise you in confidence.

With you, we do all the necessary task to sell or rent peacefully and efficiently your property (single-family house, apartment building, mixed housing, apartment, loft, studios, workshop, garage).

Together, your investments will be improved and your time saved.

We will take in charge all the details (about which you didn't think):

  • Legal obligations: Obtaining PEB certificate, electric certificate, building permit, notary procedure...
  • Finance: mortgage registration, money order, release, bridging loan, suspensive clause: these notions are essential.
  • Negotiation: authentic act, signing compromise with no conditions, longer use of a property, current lease, outstanding current charges, co-ownership litigation.
    We will negotiate for your interest.

Our professional team

Trianon Invest Anderlecht

27 Rue M.A. Raskin, 1070 Anderlecht
+32 2 520 19 00

Trianon Invest Uccle

77 Avenue de la Floride,
1180 Uccle
+32 2 340 37 07

Chartered Real Estate Agent

IPI 504.240
VAT: BE 0840.462.537
IBAN: BE41 3630 9571 6610

Institut professionnel des agents immobiliers, rue du Luxembourg 16 B, 1000 Bruxelles. Agréations octroyées en Belgique (
Référence à la déontologie de l’IPI (arrêté royal du 27 septembre 2006)
RC professionnelle et cautionnement via AXA Belgium SA – police n° 730.390.160